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About Nancy

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Nancy Volpe Beringer is a high-end brand founded in 2016, specializing in one of a kind wearable art.

After years of watching their success and being inspired by her sons, Nancy Volpe Beringer found herself going back to school at 59. “I felt like my oxygen was being siphoned off at my job and that is when I knew I needed to make a change.”  One sleepless night, she asked herself: “What would I want to learn if I was young
again?” Her answer: fashion design. Fortunately for the fashion world, once she  gets something in her ear, she does it.

Upon arrival at Drexel University, Nancy found her home and an outlet for her creative calling. The intensive and comprehensive program unleashed Nancy’s love of fabric manipulation, use of couture sewing techniques, and creation of wearable art with innovative silhouettes.

Her love of learning continues through international studies in London, Paris, and the USA at top fashion schools and with top couture teachers.



Nancy graduated at the top of her class at Drexel University and with a record-setting number of awards for her graduate “Titanium” collection and avant garde designs. Ever since, the fashion world has embraced her. She currently offers many of her exclusive designs at Philadelphia’s top fashion store, the iconic Joan Shepp.  

Giving Back

Nancy also never forgot her goal to “pay it forward” and to go beyond creating beautiful fashion to do something relevant in fashion. She has found some of her most rewarding work in teaching refugee women sewing, textile and business skills, as well as creating an inspirational blog,